The Gift of the Olympics

Quote: “When I watch the Olympics I become such an emotional wreck. I’ve always loved the Olympics, be it the Summer or the Winter Olympics.” –Bryn Terfel
Song: Olympic Fanfare and Theme by John Williams
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Michael Phelps

It’s 6pm on Saturday night as I write this. I’m on my couch, already showered and in my pajamas. I have to be up at 4am tomorrow but can’t sleep. For two reasons. First, I’m sick. Super sick. Like, I think my throat is about to explode. I have forgotten how to breathe out of my nose because I can’t, and it hurts to breathe through my mouth, so basically it hurts to live. Second reason, Michael Phelps final race is about to happen, and I wouldn’t miss watching that for anything.

Living in the United States is interesting. Growing up in Canada, I saw very different ways of how citizens react to what their country does. Canada is pretty passive. The United States is not. They complain on Facebook and Twitter, every single day of their lives, about something. It’s thoroughly annoying. If I see one more giant post about Trump or Clinton, I am seriously going to debate deleting Facebook. Now you wonder, sounds like all you’re doing is complaining. No no no. I just want to highlight what the Olympics does for our society.

The Olympics have been going on for approximately one week and television/social media has been saved for a short time period. I want the world to realize how well the Olympics brings us altogether. All of a sudden every country is positive, peaceful, loves other countries and just want to be patriotic to not only their country, but to the world. I love the Olympics. I love everything they stand for.

Michael PhelpsAs a Canadian, the Winter Olympics are more exciting to me. They’re more exciting for our country, simply because we have more participants and know we have an actual shot at absolutely everything. Plus, they have ice hockey. BUT…even as a Canadian, I have so many childhood memories that come from the Summer Olympics. I remember going into my Uncle’s pool with my cousins, all of us pretending to be Michael Phelps. That was the Summer Olympics of 2004 and 2008. I would have been around age 9 and 13. Almost 10 years later, I am watching Michael Phelps again, with my goggles in hand, bursting to use a pool. It’s not just for kids and it’s not just for adults. The Olympics are for everyone, and how they inspire people, never goes away.

I’m an actor, fully trained. I could never be an Olympic athlete. But even in my early twenties, I’m still considering what sports I could start right now that would give me a shot at going to the Olympics. Archery? There’s no age limit on that one. As a kid, I wondered and wanted to know what it would be like to stand on that podium and hear your national anthem play as the flag of your country raises. I still wonder that as an adult, and always will. The Olympics fill me with such hope, happiness and curiosity, it’s amazing. It’s a shame they only happen every two years, because I think the Olympics brings a fresh wave of positivity to the world, every single time.

Greek ChampionTo make it even more exciting, we are watching history be made right in front of our eyes. In 100 years, these will be the records in text books. These Summer Olympics have already broken a huge amount of records. From Figi winning their first medal, to the numerous records Canadian and American athletes have broken or created. My personal favorite though, truly is, Michael Phelps breaking the record from 152 B.C. That’s a 2168 year old record from Greek athlete Leonidas of Rhodes, who until Phelps, held the record for the Olympic athlete who had won the most Gold medals. Phelps passed this record with his Gold win on Thursday, August 11 for the 200 metre individual medley. CRAZY!! THAT OLD OF A RECORD!! It was made during the B.C. era!!

So, Phelps race is coming up and he says it’ll be his last. Part of me doesn’t believe this, as he said it after London but then came back, and he also missed one Gold these Olympics for a Silver. He seems like the type of guy to come back just because of that. However, he will be around 36 by the next Games (means dying in athlete world) but more importantly, has a child and a fiancé, soon to be wife. In case after 5 Olympics, he truly is done, I am going to sit here ready to watch live history in the making. I’ll be able to tell my kids one day, I saw Michael Phelps race and it was like nothing else.

So, I will continue watching these Olympics and every Olympics, crying Rio_2016with the athletes as they start to cry of disbelief on the podium. I’m extremely proud of the Canadian athletes as they are representing my country, but truly, I am proud of ALL the athletes, for putting work and effort into something so beautiful and good.



UPDATE: MICHAEL PHELPS WINS GOLD for the 4X100m Medley Relay! Congrats to him, Nathan Adrian (a personal favorite of mine), Ryan Murphy and Cody Miller. I was standing on my couch the entire time, waving my arms. After the race, Phelps took a moment to himself and then waved to the crowd, a sign that this may truly be the end. So glad he went out as deserved, in GOLD.

Good Bye Los Angeles: Round 3

Quote: “The real world isn’t real. It’s an illusion. It’s a big fat illusion.” — Cain Devore
Song: Born to Die by Lana Del Rey
Location: LAX Airport, Los Angeles CA

It’s here again. Summer. I have spent another year living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. I just finished my junior year of College and am now entering my senior year. But for one last time, I’m heading back to Canada to work, but this time, I won’t be heading back next summer. It’s my last summer in Canada. It’s my last time living in Canada period until I get kicked out of the USA…which hopefully never happens. (I love Canada, but I need to be in the USA if I want to be a successful actor…simple as that.)

This year was one of the best of my life. Junior Year was amazing. It started out wonderful during the first half because I had the most amazing set of teachers who all made me want to come to class every single day.  That made all the difference because I was coming back not excited for this year. But they made it amazing. Thank you to all of those teachers who made a difference. I had a personal relationship with EVERY SINGLE teacher my 5th semester and that was absolutely amazing.

RevelationThe second half of the year was not exactly exciting school wise, but I got to produce and direct a show that I had written, and that’s what kept my passion burning. That consumed my life for my 6th semester and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I was blessed with an amazing cast and team and am so thankful we were able to experience Revelation together.

Love life? A complicated mess. As per usual. I wouldn’t be a white girl in my 20’s if it wasn’t, let’s be honest. And I mean…all you need to read is my previous blog to figure out that story. But it’s okay. Because I know I’m going to be okay. I am so strong and every year as I leave Los Angeles, I remember that more and more.

Last year when I was leaving, I was grateful for the break. This year, I don’t know what I am. I need a break from LA, but working in Alberta for 4 months doesn’t feel right either. I was talking to my friend Alecia today as she was driving me to LAX and we both said, we don’t feel like we belong anywhere. We don’t know what home is anymore. But as I get older I realize, I am my own home. I am my own home. And wherever I go, I will make it home. That’s the best way to live. And as wonderful as it is to have people walk in life beside you, sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you envisioned it. Rely on yourself, be happy with yourself, and trust yourself. Have faith that things will work out. They will. They will.

Omilon & DeragonSpecial thanks to two amazing men in my life this year who have helped me learn all of these lessons. These men are actually a couple of my professors who have become so much more to me.

Michael Deragon, you reminded me why I started writing. You reminded me why I loved it. You reminded me I was good at it. Thank you. I had forgotten about such a huge passion of mine, but you brought it back to my life and have encouraged me to continually write. I now am writing a journal because of you, and in these past couple months…I think that’s what kept me going. Your intuition is amazing and I’m glad you live your life by following it. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

Abraham & OmilonBrian Abraham, the support system I have in you is absolutely insane and I don’t know how I ever got so lucky. You worked with me every step of the way during Revelation and are a huge part of why this year was #1 in the memory books for me. I am so grateful to you for pushing me, encouraging me and on occasion kicking me. The memories we have are irreplaceable. When I think about my favorite memories of this year, you’re in majority of them. You don’t just teach. You form a relationship with those you interact with and that is something so hard to find. I’m so thankful for you. Words can never describe how much.

Alright, I’ve got a plane to catch. There’s what I learned from this year. And Michael and Brian are only 2 people I thanked on a LONG list of other people. I have had such a great support system this year and I am so thankful to everyone. Friends who love me for me and who will always be there for me came to light this year. I’m so blessed to have them. I love you all.

Gina OmilonAnd one more thanks….thank you to God. I know this year was the best I’ve had because of you. Everything good is because of you. Thank you.

This is it. One last summer. One last time.

xoxo los angeles


Miss American Beauty 2014 Day 4: The Final Day

Quote: “You can never quit” –Anonymous
Song: Story of my Life by One Direction (The song I walked to for my Evening Gown Competition)
Location: Orlando, Florida

WOW! Today was such a whirlwind! Before I get to the competition results…if you haven’t seen them yet on any of my social media pages that is…I’ll do a full recap of the day!

Christi and GIna OmilonSo I got up bright and early at 5:30 to get everything ready for my 7am rehearsal time. We reviewed our opening dance number and then went through our walking patterns. After that we all got lined up on stage and learned what to do if we were in the Top 5, all the runner-ups and then if we got crowned. After a rehearsal that ran a bit late we had to run to get our hair and make-up done. Unfortunately my director has the photo of my hair stylist and make-up stylist so I can’t show you the awesome team that finished my hair and make-up within 1 hour and 15 minutes…but they rocked! So thank you to Sheena and her team! The picture I have on the side here is my opening number outfit with my amazing director Christi!

Mini-break….after the show was done…yada yada….USI Finals happened. Congratulations to Miss California who won Miss US International. She was absolutely stunning and I picked her as the winner right from preliminaries. She 100% deserved it. Mini-break over.

Alright, so hair and make-up is done, and it’s time for the show! Unfortunately I have absolutely not one photo of my performance yet mainly because the official photographers, AllumSki Photography, need an actual day or more…like a month…to get all of the girls their photos. But here was the order of the show: Opening Number, Introduction, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Crowning!

Miss American Beauty Top 5 Gina OmilonOKAY! I’ll get to the goods. From the Miss Division, I made the Top 5. From the Top 5………….I was crowned 1st Runner-Up Miss American Beauty! This means that if the new Miss American Beauty (Miss California) cannot fulfill her duties as queen, I will take over and become the new reigning Miss American Beauty 2014. Although I’m so positive this will not happen, I am extremely thankful for the position I am in and the honor that comes with it. The shock is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t even believe it when names kept getting called to eliminate the Top 5 yet my name wasn’t called. And I got to experience the amazing moment of holding the last girl’s hand and waiting together to see who would take the crown. We were also the tallest and shortest contestants so that was pretty funny haha Being 1st Runner-Up for North, Central and South America is beyond a crazy feeling and I am filled with so much gratitude! I also received 2nd place and Honorable Mention for People’s Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who liked the facebook photo for me and voted!!

Congratulations Samantha Hart, Miss California, who is now the new Miss American Beauty 2014. I know you will have such an amazing year with this title and you have worked so extremely hard for it! Have a fantastic year, take lots of pictures and soak it up. I’m so happy all of your hard work has produced this amazing opportunity for you!

As my final Pageant Week blog comes to an end, I have 4  more thank you’s to send out!

Christi and Gina Omilon 1Christi Woolard: You were there for me when I competed for Miss Teen Canada-World 2012 and you were beyond here for me this round too. Thank you for being such an amazing pageant director! You instilled more confidence in me then I even had in myself. You helped me through all of my wardrobe issues, skin pigment issues and jewelry issues. You answered my 1 am text messages right from when I was crowned in March. I truly cannot express how thankful I am to you. Not only was I crowned Miss Alberta but I was able to compete internationally at a pageant and place 1st Runner-Up. There is not a doubt in my mind that I could not have done this without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so excited to continue working with you till the end of my reign as well as in the future. I love you Mama Christi! ❤

Harrison Productions: Thank you for creating an international pageant that not only judges on beauty and fitness but emphasizes in education and intelligence. It has been such an honor to be a part of your pageant system. I came to Florida having no idea what to expect and was beyond impressed the entire week. The professionalism Harrison Production carries and the reputation they strive for is impeccable. I do not have one complaint about this week. I am so thankful I was able to experience a pageant of this excalibur and place so high in it. It is truly an honor. I hope to work with Harrison Productions again in the future.

Judges: Thank you for believing in me and awarding me with 1st runner-up. I was beyond surprised and cannot thank you enough. Also, thank you for spending so much of your time with us. For my readers, one day they were up and ready for a starting time of 6:55am and they judged until about 8pm that same day. They were absolutely amazing!

Tricia and GinaTricia, Elite American Beauty 2013: Thank you for constantly being a support system and always being there to share a word of encouragement. You were so absolutely wonderful the entire week and was always there when I needed a hug or just a smile. You have left a place in my heart forever. I will never forget the words you said to me throughout the week which I will keep private, but know you have truly touched me. Thank you! ❤

Tori Galloway and Gina OmilonI thanked my sponsors in last night’s blog but there is one last special person I would like to thank…actually 3. I am a very broke university student who pays $65,000 per year. The cost of the hotel was a little pricey and I was already struggling to get to this pageant completely based on sponsors. I was able to do this thanks to a very special friend who wiped away the hotel cost by allowing me to stay at her place in Kissimmee, Florida. Tori Galloway, I love you so much and am so thankful for all of your help this week as well as your roomies, Hammer and Matt. Not only did they drive me and pick me up each day, they watched me practice in my dresses and voted on which outfits and poses they liked best. I couldn’t have asked for better friends who were willing to take this pageant as seriously as I was. Also thank you Tori, Hammer and Matt for coming to watch me and cheering Alberta on. It was so great having 3 fans in the audience making me feel at home on stage. Tori, thank you for zipping me up, lending me tanning lotion and for doing my make-up when I needed it. You were a life saver. I love you so much and am so happy to have you as a friend. Having you there in the audience made this even more special.

Gina Omilon and Haven LamotheI lied, that was not the last shout-out…there is one more. Haven Lamothe, Miss Teen Ontario and her family, thank you too! Since I was not staying in the hotel, I was carrying all of my outfits for the day plus my make-up to the hotel each day. They let me keep my stuff in their hotel room so I would not have to carry it around all day. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It made life so much easier as well as it was really nice to be able to chill out in your family’s room and talk about the day we just experienced. Thank you Lamothe family so so much!

Gina Omilon 1st Runner-Up Miss American BeautyAlright y’all! That’s it! This week has been absolutely amazing and I’m so sad it’s over. Thank you for reading my blogs each day! I will continue to blog about my future Miss Alberta events as well as ones that I haven’t blogged about yet. Once again, so thankful for everyone’s support from Alberta to California to New York. Everyone in all of the places I have lived/known people in were so supportive.

Now I’m going to go to sleep since sleep has not been a thing since this week began.

Thank you once again,

Gina Omilon, your Miss Alberta 2014 and your 1st Runner-Up Miss American Beauty



Here are some extra photos from the day!

Team Canada at 2014 American Beauty Pageant

Team Canada at the 2014 American Beauty Pageant


Miss Teen North Carolina and myself backstage

Miss Teen North Carolina and myself backstage


This is Elite Tennessee who was crowned Elite American Beauty 2014...we joked that we were the Sue Sylvester and Rachel Berry of the pageant! :)

This is Elite Tennessee who was crowned Elite American Beauty 2014…we joked that we were the Sue Sylvester and Rachel Berry of the pageant! 🙂


This is Miss Puerto Rico and I. Other than the Canadians, she was my closest friend during the week! She won 4th Runner-Up!

This is Miss Puerto Rico and I. Other than the Canadians, she was my closest friend during the week! She won 4th Runner-Up!


My sash with my winning plaque on the red carpet!

My sash with my winning plaque on the red carpet!


Met some girls in the hotel while waiting for the USI Finals. They were in Florida on vacation as a treat for doing well in school.

Met some girls in the hotel while waiting for the USI Finals. They were in Florida on vacation as a treat for doing well in school.


Miss Ohio and I before USI Finals

Miss Ohio and I before USI Finals


Walking the red carpet for the USI Finals

Walking the red carpet for the USI Finals


Mrs. Kansas and I!

Mrs. Kansas and I!


Miss USI 13 and I after the USI Finals. She hosted my pageant and was so unbelievably nice!

Miss USI 13 and I after the USI Finals. She hosted my pageant and was so unbelievably nice!


The newly crowned Miss USI 14 and I! Congrats Miss California!

The newly crowned Miss USI 14 and I! Congrats Miss California!

Miss American Beauty 2014 Day 1

Quote: “Here’s to the girls who have inhaled more hairspray than air” –Anonymous
Song: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Location: Orlando, Florida

Gina Omilon and Haven LamotheSome of you may know that in March I was crowned Miss Alberta American Beauty 2014, and then was invited to compete internationally for Miss American Beauty in Florida. (Represents North, Central and South America.) Well, I am now in Florida and the first day of the Miss American Beauty Pageant was today!



We started off with orientation, just getting to know each other as well as getting all the rules, info for the week and schedule. Next we had our fashion shoot on the red carpet with AllumSki Photography who have photographed many pageants including Miss Canada Universe! After we had a PJ party! My PJ’s were Canadian themed. My t-shirt was white with a red maple leaf on it, my shorts were boxers that had moose on it saying “Eh Canadian Hockey” and then I had white boot slippers. I also dressed my bear Finny up in his Canadian gear: A Canadian t-shirt and track suit. I didn’t win the PJ Diva sash and crown, but I had lots of fun dressing up in all Canadian clothing! Haven Lamothe, Miss Teen Ontario 2014, also dressed up in Canadian gear so we both showed off our Canadian pride together! I actually met Haven last year when hosting Miss Teen Canada-World 2013, she was a competitor.


Gina Omilon, Miss Alberta 2014Well, my blog isn’t too long tonight as it was a fairly quick day. Tomorrow we’re off to Downtown Disney in Orlando and then have rehearsals so there may be more to blog about tomorrow night! …if I’m not too tired that is!

Day 1 of Miss American Beauty 2014 is complete! Good night y’all! ❤

Gina Omilon
Miss Alberta 2014

Miss Alberta American 2014

I have never posted a blog like this on this blog site or my old blog site. I am asking help from all of my bloggers and their friends, family, co-workers etc. Blogs can reach worldwide and anyone can help so why not try.

I was crowned Miss Alberta American 2014 and have been given the chance to be the first Canadian to compete for the Miss American title. The Miss American crown represents North, Central and South America. I have had an indiegogo campaign trying to cover some of the costs (a total of $2000.) It has 4 days left and I am $320 away from meeting the $750 goal. If I do not raise this $320, all of the funds already donated get returned and I must pass on my crown to the next girl.

If anyone reading this would like to sponsor me or knows someone who would, please please please do. The campaign only has 4 days left. If you are a business owner, please contact me and you can even donate outside of the indiegogo campaign if you are wanting to sponsor a larger amount which you can write off as advertisement. We can talk about me making appearances at company events, your business having an ad in the official Miss American program book, etc.

I don’t generally like to use my blog as a way to ask for people’s financial support. However, I really really want to compete in this pageant.  It’s one thing to compete and dress up, but it’s another to not only be the first Canadian but to be able to use my title. If I can’t compete, I lose my title which means I lose my gateway into schools, meetings, speaking events, wherever I can use my title as a platform and influence on younger kids, especially girls. I want to be an actor. I want to be a role model. Pageants give me the chance to still be that role model and still make a positive impact.

For more information on the actual pageant and my professional bio, please click on the indiegogo link below. Anybody can contribute any amount!

Thank you for your time, and please share the link!


A Merry Solo Christmas

Quote: “Jesus is the reason for the season!”
Song: O Holy Night by Lea Michele
Location: Manhattan, New York

Yayy! It’s Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas everyone!! And yes, I’m saying Merry Christmas. I don’t care about being politically correct. The holiday is Christmas and I will stop saying Merry Christmas to you when you stop buying into the holiday. Don’t buy a tree, don’t buy presents, don’t hang decorations, don’t have a big dinner, and then I will say Happy Holidays, otherwise it’s Merry Christmas and you can suck it up.

Now that I’ve said my piece about that…this is my first Christmas away from home and not in Canada. It’s pretty weird. I don’t feel sad about it yet. What I really feel sad about is the fact that I can’t go skating whenever I want to, for free. New York is too expensive to go skating all the time. If I was in Alberta, I’d be skating all day long, everyday this break.

My first Christmas Tree!For anyone spending their Christmas alone for the first time or just because they couldn’t make it to where the family was meeting up, remember Home is where you make it. I don’t think it’s where your heart is necessarily. I used to but then I realized my heart was all over this earth. London, Los Angeles, Alberta…all of those places are homes. So it’s where you make it. Enjoy having a simple Christmas. If you’re not getting together with family, the positive is you know you will miss the bound-to-happen relative fight. Although it may seem lonely, I feel like it’s healthy. This Christmas is probably the first Christmas in years where I haven’t been wondering how many gifts I’ll get. Sure, at first I was sad that I knew I’d get 2 and that’s it. But now I’m looking forward to having a day of complete rest, hanging out with friends, buying them gifts, and just enjoying the day. I may never have a Christmas this relaxed again, so I’m going to enjoy it. And Christmas Eve becomes a lot easier too because you’re not running around to comply with everyone’s schedules. So look at those hidden positives if you’re feeling lonely.

2013 Christmas CardOne of my professors told me this when I told him I’d be spending my first Christmas away from home: “You’ll feel lonely for 24 hours and then something cool will happen. Your first Christmas is cool because you know you’re on your own. And New York is great during that season. You’ll be fine. You’ll enjoy it.” And maybe wherever you’re reading this, you’re not in New York but in a town of 300. That doesn’t matter. I think it’s the same for everyone.  You may feel lonely at first, but you’re on your own for the first time and there’s something cool about that. It’s a bit bittersweet too because it means you’ve finally grown up. And I know I took the time to try to cheaply decorate my studio. I have lights hanging and a Christmas tree! I sent Christmas cards to many of my friends and family! And receiving cards or even packages in the mail is always exciting too. Anyways, I just think his advice was really great and hopefully it will help you too!

So everyone, from New York City, Gina and Finny (my teddy bear), wish you a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the holidays and eat lots! If you’re with friends and family, make sure to enjoy your time with them especially if you don’t get it too often. If you’re by yourself, then just take the day to relax and have a Christmas without the usual stress. Maybe go take food to the homeless or something. You can use it as a day for giving to others rather than waiting for others to give to you.Rockefeller Christmas Tree

If I don’t blog before New Years (although I will try) have a very Happy New Year as well!

Merry Christmas!

gina xoxo

Miss Teen Canada-World 2013

Quote: (JOKE for this blog) “What time is it?” “5 Past Reimer” Courtesy of Luke Bilyk
Song: All Around the World by Justin Bieber (Opening MTCW Dance Number)
Location: Hotel Lobby, Toronto, Canada

Gina Omilon and Luke BilykWOW! Miss Teen Canada-World 2013, what an absolute rush! This blog comes a little late as right after the final event Saturday night, I was whisked away into a no-wifi zone for several days, visiting family. BUT now, here it is!

On the evening of Saturday, July 20th, I co-hosted live in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 Pageant, broadcasted internationally! I co-hosted with Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk, known for playing Drew Torres. But let me back up and start from the very beginning of this weekend in Toronto.

Gina Omilon and Miss Teen Alberta-World 2013I flew into the city on Thursday night, arrived late at my hotel and pretty much fell asleep as soon as I got there. On Friday I began with an early radio interview with Big 105.5 live in Toronto. They asked me about what it was like being on the other side of the MTCW pageant and which side I preferred (hosting for sure!), what it was like working with Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk, and finally, how Red Deer’s Madison Fertig was doing. Right after, I headed to rehearsal at a hall in the hotel. Last year the girls got to have one day to practice at the Theatre, but not this year! So once Luke arrived and all the girls pretended they weren’t falling in love, we began a quick run-through of the show. We did one and then that was it. I arrived before Luke so the girls –those who even cared about me- asked me questions or took pictures, and then after rehearsal they had a Q&A with Luke and took pictures with him. Some girls even asked to take pictures with both of us and I was like YEAA! Woohoo. Can I just mention my favorite question to Luke during the Q&A……”Ahhh Luke so, first are you single? And if you are, can I give you my number?” Okay, can I just say, I don’t understand why girls think that a celebrity is going to take their number? Like really. The single question is kind of funny and I’m sure that entire room, chaperones included, wanted to know, but then the number part just downgrades you a bit. And then on the other hand, Luke handled it like a pro because let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure that happens on a daily basis with him.

OH WAIT… I have to really say my favorite part from our Friday rehearsal. Between snapchatting and taking pictures with Luke and making jokes as we rehearsed, I told him about the massive amount of girls who I DO NOT KNOW (AKA HIS fans) tweeting me asking me what his cologne is. So in our tweeting moments before July, I tweeted him saying “Hey Luke, in case anyone asks you what my perfume is, it’s Ralph Lauren.” So as a joke, Tricia Braunstein, Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario-World, went up to Luke and said, “Oh my gosh I love Gina Omilon so much. Do you know what perfume she wears?” Luke’s face went blank like what? Then looked at me, pointed and said “YES RALPH LAUREN!” YES!!! Made my entire weekend right there. So haha thank you to Tricia for being my biggest fan, for making sure Luke knew my perfume too, and for creating a great moment for all of us!

Gina Omilon and Luke BilykFriday rehearsal at the hotel ended, and I relaxed and then went to bed early to get ready for the next day. So Saturday morning…here we are! The day of the show! I got up and had breakfast and then headed to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! The girls were rehearsing their group dance numbers when I arrived. Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada-World 2012, and I talked on-stage for a bit while we waited for them to complete their rehearsal. As soon as Luke arrived we went into a full rehearsal of the show with all the girls cues. Luke and I would have to practice our script on our own time if we wanted. Once the girls had to go to begin their hair and make-up, Luke and I rehearsed about the first half of our script with the teleprompter until we had all the kinks and sizing issues worked out. After that, he left and I headed into the stressful pageant hair and make-up situation.

I shared a greenroom with Megha Gina Omilon and Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada-World 2012  so we ran into each other while we got our hair done and make-up.  My hair stylist was absolutely amazing and unfortunately I didn’t get her name, but she looked like Kate Middleton, and wherever she is, I thank her for doing an absolutely amazing job! For my make-up, a thank you goes out to Chelsea Grant. We had a blast together and shared the room with the Featured Artist of the Night, and Judge, Sarah Fisher. Chelsea and I had a lot of problems with my eyelashes but after awhile all was well and my make-up was complete too So thank you so much Chelsea! haha In between my hair and make-up, I tried on the two dresses sponsored by Bells and Bows Bridal Centre of Lethbridge, Alberta. They provide all the dresses for Miss Teen Canada-World Inc. I got to wear this beautiful purple dress for the first half, and this absolutely gorgeous white one during the second half!

Alright, SOOOO….after my make-up was done, I literally had about 15 minutes until show time. I went back to my greenroom and my wonderful friend Hazel helped squeeze me into my first dress. Luke Bilyk and Gina Omilon hosting Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 Luke came and got me, introduced me to some of his friends,  we went over the first part of our script, and then he headed to the opposite side of the stage for his entrance. The show had began! The girls began the show by opening with a dance number that Luke and I also danced too off-stage watching each other from the wings. Before they announced it was time for us to go on, I fixed my hair, adjusted my dress, closed my eyes to rest my contacts, and prayed to God that I didn’t trip, mess up, and that my contacts would stay clear and not stick. Then it was time to get out “And your hosts for the evening, Gina Omilon and Luke Bilyk.” We entered from opposite sides, met in the middle, walked down the stairs to the end of the stage, pause for a couple seconds, then off to our podium on the side we went. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 Pageant live in Toronto” I had the first line and the show flew by from there.

Of course there was bumps along the way and jokes Luke and I made to each other throughout the show- those I’m not going to share for the purpose of not wanting to type a novel here- but the first half was done before we knew it. The second half, the white dress I wore with Luke wearing his tux, made us look like we were getting married. It was a beautiful dress though so I didn’t care, but we definitely made jokes about it haha Luke Bilyk and Gina Omilon The second half we pulled a couple jokes about the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins and had fun with the audience and before we knew it, I had the pleasure of being able to announce the new Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. So it went something like this, Gina–“And the first runner up is..-” Luke–“Oh hey Gina, I don’t think we’ve gotten a picture yet” Being the hilarious hosts we tried to be…..we stalled the final decision, took a picture and then went on to announce the first runner-up, which made Jillian Martin from Saskatchewan, the new Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. The picture on the side right now is that picture taken from on-stage.

Once the winner was announced, we took pictures with the Top 5 on the stage and then got whisked  away back onto the Red Carpet for photos with the media. Given a team of security, we were told not to stop or talk to anyone as we got taken away to outside of the theatre. Once at the Red Carpet we took a bunch of media photos until everyone had what they needed. Then others could come and take pictures. Luke and I said good bye, and Megha and I went back to our greenroom to take cheesy pictures together and change out of the beautiful dresses we had been so lucky to wear!

Gina Omilon with Luke Bilyk and Top 5 Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 FinalistsAn absolutely magical night had come to an end! I want to thank Miss Teen Canada-World Inc. for this absolutely amazing experience! They gave me a huge opportunity to host a national pageant that was broadcasted internationally and I will be forever grateful! Thank you to Luke, my fantastic co-host. He was so much fun to work with and had a great sense of humor….which you pretty much need to have when working with me. Thank you to Shawn Cuffie, the fantastic choreographer/stage manager for all of your help and jokes along the way! Thank you to those who came to watch me live in Toronto as well as those who watched over the web. Your support meant a lot to me! Congratulations to all 65 contestants, you all should be SO PROUD of what you accomplished, no matter where you placed! Congratulations to Jillian Martin on winning the prestigious Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 crown, it went to a beautiful girl! Also, I would like to give a special shout out to my girl Madison Fertig! I passed on my crown to her and she became the new Miss Teen Red Deer-World! She placed in the Top 20 so I am so proud of her and so happy that I was able to be in Toronto at the pageant for her, even if I was emceeing on stage and couldn’t actually watch anything she did. haha

Well Toronto, it has been a blast! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND! I’m sure I will see you again soon enough! It is always a pleasure

❤ gina ❤

Los Angeles: Just the Beginning

Quote: “You say I dream too big. I say you think too small” –Anonymous
Song: Home by Phillip Phillips
Location: LAX Airport, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! So my first year living in Los Angeles, California comes to an end today! I am flying back up to Alberta, Canada for a nice Canadian summer vacation. I am beyond sad to be leaving California because I’m unfortunately going to be gone for 9 months. I’ll be in Canada for summer, and then I will head to New York until February.

Tyler and GinaThis was my first year away from home, along with my first year in university! My freshmen year. Wow! What a year to remember. This year in general was by far, my favorite year of life thus far. I want to give a huge shout out to my best friend back home, Tyler Mackesey, who kept me going everyday when I needed some common sense driven into me or just a good laugh. Throughout the year we were able to remain best friends and never went more than 2 days without talking to each other! Tyler, thanks for being my best friend while I’m in Canada, and while I’m abroad. Thank you for all of your support and always making sure I didn’t go crazy!

It’s crazy what one can learn when living away from home for the first time. I think it’s really good actually. You finally get full control of your decisions and have to answer to their outcomes whether they are good or bad. And grocery shopping was always a fun thing too! I know I learned a lot about myself. I also changed a lot of myself too, and for the better. When you grow up in a small town,  everyone just sees you as who you have always been and it’s so hard to change. Moving away, I could be anyone I wanted to be because no one knew me. So I got to change my attitude on life a lot more, change my interests and just be more who I wanted to be. It’s going to be weird going back to my small town because I won’t be the girl I was when I left, and hopefully they’ll accept that.

I became more adventurous, and could be because there was opportunity for it. I could  go hiking as much as I wanted, actual rock climbing without straps. I could watch sports and not get judged by the drama kids, and love Improv shows and not get judged by the jocks. And when things went wrong, I didn’t get upset or wrapped up in girls drama, I just went  on my own merry way. I got to be the girl I always wanted to. And that is what Los Angeles is to me. It’s freedom. It’s home. It’s where I want my life to be.

la skylineI learned even more about myself too. And got a lot closer with God. I learned that He really was my best friend. He was the one I could talk to at anytime, anywhere, when I needed help or comfort. He was also the one who reassured me when I was confused or forgave me when I knew I needed it. I’m not perfect and I made mistakes during the year, but God was always there with open arms forgiving me. I want to thank my church Reality LA and Pastor Tim Chaddick! When I first moved here, I probably would have moved away from Christianity because I was sick of all the fakeness in it. RLA was brought into my life and it opened up everything to me. I looked forward to church every week and I knew I could just go there and refresh. Thanks to my great friends within the church too! Gina, Michael, Kelly, Tony, Christian and Tristyn!

And then of course, in every girl’s life there is those boys. Well oh boy. Did I ever learn a couple lessons in that department. In high school, I pretty much ignored all possibilities of having a relationship with boys. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the single living and wanted to focus on grades for scholarships. So here, I may have opened up that door just a tiny bit. Well, there was this one guy who pretended to like me and pretended to open that door on his side for a bit. Turns out he had a girlfriend back home and really just looked at me as that girl who he could have a thing with every month or whatever. So yea. That sucked. The worst part is I’m not mad at him. I was mad at me, and not because I didn’t see the signs. That I can deal with. Life kind of sucks sometimes, no bother in getting mad about it and stuff. Move on. I’m just mad at myself because I still kind of like the guy. I’m stupid, I know.

And then, when I finally got over that guy, I liked one other. And guess what. His liking of me lasted a very nice little short time and then I got friend zoned to the max. Which was kind of my fault. So now I’m leaving and I still like that guy, but uh that won’t happen either. But we’re still friends who hang out; he is a very adventurous soul, so I really enjoy our hanging out time. And he even said good bye to me at one point during my last week. (I’m not saying when or where because I am being as discrete as I can.)

What I’m getting to though is I realized that boys can be lame, and that even though I let my guard down, I came out of it okay. Yea, it sucks and you know what, it probably will take me a bit to get over it, but I’m still standing strong. So maybe letting my guard down just a smidge wasn’t so bad. I know I’ll still keep it up, but I’ve started the process of letting people in a bit and softening that pretty tough heart I’ve got. SO that’s improvement. And through it all… I had great friends to help me through. Tyler, Tristyn, Ashly, Kayla, Jess, Kelly, Kiah and Nisa are just a few to name. Jess even tried to win an intense game of Beer Pong against Guy Numero  1 for me, thanks Jess! 🙂 And Nisa, thanks for telling me when that one girl started bad-mouthing me because she thought I had “stolen” her boys and because I was “too nice and happy all the time”. haha We’re sisters baby girl…we stick together…..because we love to sing like the Cheetah Girls 😉

LAI’m a stronger person than I was a year ago. I’ve had the taste of freedom and I know I don’t want to go back. I love Los Angeles, I love California. People say it’s such a big city and everyone only cares about themselves, but that’s not true. I got a free ticket to the Jonas Brothers concert because a girl gave hers up after just seeing me on the street. People are so nice here and although there are 10 million people here, I feel like this city is still a big giant family. We’re the City of Angels, the City of Dreams. And there is nowhere else I would rather be ❤ I love it. This is my home. Tyler said to me the other day, “But this is your home Gina.” about Alberta. Although Alberta is my home as where I am from, LA is now home home. The saying goes “Home is where the heart is” and my heart is in LA, so that’s where my home is. I’m excited for my opportunity in New York and I know it’s going to be such a great experience! And in 9 months, I’ll be back here, in the best city in the world! This has been an amazing first year, with crazy experiences. It’s the best year of my life and I’ve grown so much! I’ve loved every minute of this year! Thank you to everyone who has been  a part of it, and God for allowing it all to happen!

I love you LA, thanks for making dreams come true!

I’m coming back for you Canada!

Gina Gina Omilon


P.S. If this was written on paper, you would see the tears stains. Because tears are streaming down! I love you Cali, I love you LA, I love all the friends I’m leaving, and how much stronger I’ve become this year. Thank you for everything. ❤

The Beginning

Quote: “Your blog is your unedited version of yourself” –Anonymous
Song: Glad You Came by The Wanted
Location: Hollywood Hills, CA

Gina OmilonHey everyone or maybe no one….depends who is reading this I suppose.

My name is Gina Omilon and this is my blog. I actually have experience blogging as I was Miss Teen Red Deer-World 2012 and had to blog about my one year reign. When I passed on the crown I stopped blogging, and recently one of my best friends, Tristyn, told me I should restart one because she enjoys my mini blogs which really are just facebook statuses. So here I am starting my own blog now! This blog will really just be me talking about whatever I feel like. Life in general, movies, award shows or whatever comes my way. I hope you follow along and comment, but please only nice comments. Mean people are lame. This first blog will just be me sharing about myself!

I was born in Alberta, Canada and began my life as a dancer. Gina Omilon as Abigail Williams From dancing, I went into modelling and acting. Acting is where I am now and that is a huge part of my life. I love being on stage or in front of a camera. The performing arts for me though is not just a way to be recognized or to be in the limelight. It’s my entire life. I now live in Los Angeles and am trying to begin a career in the arts that can support me and I always get asked, “What happens if you never make it big?” Of course, I would love too, but if I don’t, I’ll still be doing what I love each and every day. Being famous is not what I’m after, it’s enjoying my work even if that means I am a starving actor for the rest of my life. Acting is everything to me. My favorite role I’ve played so far is Abigail Williams in The Crucible. That was a crazy role to play and it was amazing to be part of such a historical production. There will definitely be more blogs about the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, and acting in general to come as that is what I love!

Aside from acting, I also write, play music, model and emcee.  I have written two dramatic plays, and co-written a sketch comedy show. I absolutely love writing and that is something I know I will continue to do in my career.  Gina Omilon at Michael Jackson's Star I also love music. I play the piano, guitar, flute as well as sing. My favorite artists are Coldplay, Muse, The Script and The Lumineers. I do not know what I would do without them. Michael Jackson and Katy Perry are also HUGE favorites. My modelling career is an interesting one.  I’m really “tall” at the height of 5”1 so although I started off in runway, I don’t usually do it now unless it’s a friendly fashion show that is acceptable of all heights. I do a lot of commercial and print though. Some places I have modelled for are The Gap, West 49, and a huge favorite, Vogue! Lastly, I am also an emcee on the radio and TV. I work at a radio station and have emceed shows with other djs there. I also emcee events, etc. Coming up in July, I will be emceeing the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 Pageant alongside Luke Bilyk (Degrassi) which I am super excited for! If I could get to the place of Ryan Seacrest in the TV Personality Area of Entertainment, I would be more than happy!

This brings me to the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant! The pageant that got my blogging off my facebook and onto an actual blog! I have always been one to share certain aspects of my life and I instantly fell in love with blogging! I was a participant at the Miss Teen Alberta-World 2012 Pageant where I was crowned Miss Teen Red Deer-World 2012. Gina Omilon - Alberta I then went off to Nationals to compete in Toronto. Although I did not win Miss Teen Canada-World, I gained SO much from the experience and it was a memory I will never forget. I also have my Miss Teen Red Deer sash and crown, and an Albertan sash, that I will be able to keep forever! Having a title also opened up opportunity in the sense that I was now a role model and a recognized figure in the community. Being a role model is really important to me because I know how much influence public figures had on me. I looked up to Hilary Duff when I was a child because as a kid you are drawn to media. Now that I am in the media in Canada, and eventually will be in the US, I want to make sure that those kids watching my every move are hopefully learning positive attributes. I don’t want to just be some teen actor who has a couple great movies and then is done. I ultimately want to be known as a legend and someone who USED THEIR “fame” FOR GOOD. Sandra Bullock is someone who I really look up to in that sense. Back to the original topic though, the pageant really helped my influence grow in the community! I was able to work at schools, speak at benefits, etc. And I know that was just the beginning!

Well, hopefully you know a bit more about me now. And just for fun….here is a list of my favorite things and such….just so we’ve got some fun facts:

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy/High School Musical Trilogy LA
Favorite TV Show: GLEE as well as, Revenge and Nashville
Favorite Song: Paradise by Coldplay
Favorite Actor: Will Smith and Zac Efron
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet
Favorite Band: Coldplay, Muse, The Script and The Lumineers
Favorite Singer: Michael Jackson and Katy Perry
Favorite Movie Director: Peter Jackson
Favorite NHL Team: LA Kings and Edmonton Oilers
Favorite NFL Team: New England Patriots
Favorite CFL Team: Calgary Stampeders
Favorite NBA Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Favorite City: Los Angeles and London
My favorite TV character: RACHEL BERRY! (My friends believe I am the real Rachel. And I am. I am.)
Favorite Book: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
Favorite Author: Sarah Dessen and Kit Pearson
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Month: December
Favorite Quote: “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire; live by love though the stars walk backwards” –E.E. Cummings
My Motto: Dream BIG!

Alright! That’s all I’ve got for you right now! Always check back as I will be posting frequently on things I feel just need to be heard….or in this case….read. And make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!